OSN Convention 2023

Mennorode, 17, 18 and 19 March 2023

The weekend committee is trying to organize another convention in Mennorode once more. After several ZOOM-meetings we think the time has come to see and talk to each other in person. However, given the developments in the world nothing is certain!

The price also plays an important role. Everything has become more expensive, including the prices in Mennorode. This has forced us to also raise the participant fees.

Nevertheless, we invite you to register for the 35th origami convention of the OSN. For the 18th time it will be held in the convention/hotel Mennorode in Elspeet.


As member of the OSN you benefit from a discount on the non-member fees.

Friday package

2 nights, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch and 2x dinner. Coffee and tea at regular intervals and a maximum of 3 free workshops. Please arrive before 18.00h Friday (dinner time). Reception desk open from 16.00h.

 Member feeNon-member fee
Single room (VRD1)€ 400,00€ 410,00
Double room (VRD2)€ 340,00 p.p€ 350,00 p.p 

Saturday package

1 night, 1x breakfast, 2x lunch and 1x dinner. Coffee and tea at regular intervals and a maximum of 3 free workshops. Please arrive before 11.00h Saturday.

 Member feeNon-member fee
Single room (ZAD1)€ 280,00€ 290,00
Double room (ZAD2)€ 255,00 p.p.€ 265,00 p.p


Other drinks not included.


Extensions to the weekend or extra meals can only be booked directly with Hotel Mennorode: reserveringen [at] mennorode.nl


Exhibition and Paper 

We have an exhibition space at our disposal where you can display your work. It would be nice if many people participate in the exhibition so others can also enjoy the fruits of our creativity.

It is still uncertain if the paper suppliers Freudenberge and/or the Webshop will be present at the weekend.


In 2023 Meenakshi Mukerji will be our guest.

In short, a fantastic, joyful weekend awaits you where you can fold to your heart's content, meet your origami friends and view all kinds of beautiful things.


Code Workshopleider
ARJ Josefa Star Arja Burger Josefa Star
Josefa Star
Ontwerp: Maximilano Ortiz
BV Stapeldoosje Brigitte Veraart Stapeldoosje
Stacked box
Ontwerp: Yasuko Sone
EW Versierd ei Elly Winthorst Een vrolijk versierd ei
A happy decorated egg
Ontwerp: Elly Winthorst
JD Tesselation José Dillise Armband tesselation
Bracelet tesselation
Ontwerp: MichaŁ Kosmulski
JS Hartendoosje Jannie van Schuylenburg Hartendoosje met deksel
Heart box with lid
Ontwerp: Jannie van Schuylenburg
MK Tesselation patronen Monique Kolvers Patronen vouwen, tesselation
Tesselated patterns
Ontwerp: Monique Kolvers
RT Ingepakt doosje Rina van Timmeren Een bloemrijk ingepakt doosje
Wrapped box with flowers
Ontwerp: Toshinori Tanaka en traditioneel
WIL Een doosje in drieën Wilma Besamusca Een doosje in drieën
A box in three
Ontwerp: Tomoko Fuse en Yuri & Katrin Shumakov

The code is for administrative purposes.
Photography: Mariëtte Kok, Gouda
The final models can be different from the photo.

Registration and Payment

You need to select at least 5 workshops in order of preference.
Without membership number we charge the non-member fee.

The registration is only confirmed when you have payed at least € 50,00.
The remainder of the fee has to be paid before 1 February 2023.You can of course pay in full (we welcome that very much).

Use the online registration form on this website or the paper form in the Orison 4, which can be sent to the address below. Pay the money to: NL70RABO 0144 3639 92 for OSN weekend. Please add your name and postal code for easier reference.
European guests van use the IBAN and BIC codes below to pay using a European payment with shared costs (SHA).

IBAN: NL70RABO 0144 3639 92, BIC: RABO NL 2U.

Cancellations received before 1 February 2023 are subject to a refund minus € 50.00. After this time we cannot refund, unfortunately. We encourage you to take a cancellation insurance.

Registrations after 1 February 2023 maybe possible, but only after telephone consultation.

As always we will take care that things run smoothly, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email:

Marjon Klokkemeijer, t: +31 72 5721497. Email: osnweekend [at] gmail.com

De weekendcommissie:
Elma Evers
Guda van Rijn
Jos Heije
Mariëtte Kok
Marjon Klokkemeijer, Vosmaerlaan 30, 1702 GG Heerhugowaard.