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Origami Society Netherlands

Who and what is the OSN?

The Dutch Origami Society was founded on the 1st of December 1983. Since that time the society has operated under the name Origami Sociëteit Nederland, abbrevated to OSN. The OSN is a very active society that gathers admiration from over the borders of our country. The Nippon Origami Association (NOA) calls us 'unique in the world'. Praise indeed. We're proud of that. 'We', meaning our many members. Many members are working for the OSN.
Let's start at the top.

The OSN is managed by a management committee. There are very active sub-committees.
These are, among others:

  • the Editors of the Orison, the members magazine.
  • the Convention Committee. They organise the yearly convention weekend.
  • the Oriday Committee. They organise the yearly Oriday.
  • the Models Committee. They judge the models for orginality and organises Copyright.
  • the Exams Committee. They are examining future Origami teachers.

There is a Members Secretary that looks after the payments and the shipping of the miscellanious OSN materials.
More information on special origami materials you can find on our Paper suppliers page.

What is the objective of the OSN?

The main objective of the OSN, as stated in the regulations, is the promotion of Origami.

By giving courses, we want to teach you how to fold and how to read origami diagrams. Because, when you've got the taste for folding, you want want more and start to look for books with diagrams. There are international symbols to make diagrams and almost all the authors use these symbols. Sometimes there are little differences or there aren't any supporting colors.

The OSN is for everybody. Very important is the fact that the OSN doesn't encourage competition. We want to be a society for the beginner as well as the most advanced folder.

What does the society do?

  • Organising courses. They will, we hope, contribute to the joy of practicing Origami.
  • Organising an origami convention weekend.
  • Organising an Oriday.
  • Assembling a yearly members meeting.
  • Giving information about Origami and materials.
  • Publication of the bi-monthly magazine for members, Orison.
  • Maintaining contact with foreign Origami organisations.
  • Giving information on fairs, exhibitions, markets, street-fairs, and so on.
  • The OSN has its own information leaflets.
  • Giving lectures and demonstrations.
  • Getting new members by advertising and through the Origami teachers.
  • Folding sessions, given by the Origami teachers.
  • Organising regional folding days and weekends by Origami teachers.