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Oricalculator Origami Hats

Origami Hats

Did you happen to buy Joan Sallas' hat book Hut Auf!, e.g. during the Mennorode 2004 convention? Or you have the Spanish version Origami Papiroflexia: CORROS DE PAPEL. Have you also tried to figure out the correct size of the paper for a hat that fits?

Thanks to Dennis Walker you can now calculate this very easily.
On his own website, Dennis has an Excel file that does these same calculations.

Enter the head circumference in centimeters in the field below. When you start entering the calculations will be displayed. If necessary, you can round to the nearest 0.5 centimeters.

Have fun!

Head circumference
German Spanish Page Length Width Paper shape
Fuchswelpe Zorrito 12 Rectangle
Rhinohorn Rinocornio 14 Rectangle
Katze Gato 16 Square
Wikinger Vikingo 18 Diamond
Safari Safari 20 Square
Onkel Abuelo 22 Circle
Sydney Sydney 24 Square
Sommerhut Canotier 28 Square
Nofretete Nefertiti 30 Square
Turban Turbante 32 Square
Kranz Diadema 34 Rectangle
Moctezuma Moctezuma 38 Rectangle
Megaspitz Megapincho 42 Square
Knotenkrone Corona 44 Rectangle
Teufelchen Diablillo 46 Square
Spieglein Bruja 50 Square
Narrenkrone Carnaval 54 Square
Gladiator Gladiador 56 Diamond
Moschusochse Cabrino 58 Triangle
Kasperle Kasperle 62 Rectangle
Mon Cheri Mon Cheri 66 Square
Tante Abuela 68 Square
Sportler Deportista 70 Rectangle
Baskenmütze Chapela 72 Square
Prediger Predicador 76 Square
Maus Ratoncito 78 Rectangle
Hasenlöffel Conejo 80 Triangle
Häftling Prisionero 82 Triangle
Panetone Panetone 84 Square
Zauberer Mago 86 Rectangle
Eisverkäufer Barman 88 Square
Karussell Tiovivo 92 Rectangle